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Vegan New York City Food Guide


If you’ve known me for quite a while now, you’ll sure have noticed that I’m super passionate about food. So as you can imagine, food has been a big big part of my recent journey through the USA. New York City and especially Brooklyn turned out to be fabulous when it comes to food. No surprise, I had to put together a vegan foodguide to NYC and Brooklyn! Just to share what I’ve experienced on a culinary level in the USA.

Champs Diner, Williamsburg

Champs Diner is literally vegan heaven on earth. We’ve been there three times and it blew my mind over and over, again and again. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. On sundays they even offer brunch. We’ve obviously tried quite a bunch of their dishes, so here’s my #1 recommendation what to order:

Have the „Loaded Breakfast Burrito“ as a main and try the „New York Peanutbutter Chocolate Cheesecake“ as a dessert. Enjoy and thank me later.

(Loaded Breakfast Burrito, OMG)

(French Toast, AMAZING)

(White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake, but I definetly prefered the Peanutbutter Chocolate one)

(Cookies and Cream Cupcake)

BY CHLOE, West Village

Another huge favourite was a restaurant called „by Chloe“. It’s another all vegan paradise that offers mostly high-end fastfood. Don’t be fooled, it’s pretty fancy for a fast food restaurant and the food is beyond all the other fast foods I’ve ever tried. I ordered the Pesto Meatball Burger, a side of Mac’n’Cheese with Bacon on top and a Cinnamon Bun afterwards. I cried, I died, I loved it.


Dunwell Donuts is the first vegan donut place in NYC. The variety of different flavours is simply amazing. The taste is to die for. Super sweet, super soft, super sugary. I ordered the chocolate with peanut crumbles on top and the peanutbutter one. My boyfriend chose the peanutbutter and jelly and the maple one. He couldn’t handle the amount of sweetness, so I had them all myself. I have no regrets, best day ever.

(peanutbutter donut)

VINNIE’S PIZZA, Williamsburg

To be honest, I’ve never had a vegan pizza that was in the same street as an original pizza. I’ve found some okay ones in Vienna, but just never as good. Went to Brooklyn and there it was. The vegan pizza that tastes just as good as the original one, if not better. The restaurant itself isn’t very fancy, so if you’re a bit picky it’s probably not for you. Otherwise you won’t be upset, the taste makes up for everything. I tried the „spicy chicken“ and the „barbecue“ pizza. Foodgasm.

(spicy chicken and original)

Peacefood Café, Union Square

All vegan everything. It’s a healthy option for breakfast and lunch. All tasty everything. Totally recommended.

(homemade granola with homemade almond milk and a tofu scrumble bowl)

Space Market, West village

New York University, 1 University Pl #1, New York, NY 10003

Space Market is kind of a supermarket next to the University. In the heart of the store is a huge buffet with many vegan chioces. You just grab a plate, load it with anything you like and pay by weight. I guess it’s meant to be a lunch place for students from the university next to it. However, it’s public and a great place to grab some food and enjoy it at Washington Squate Park, which is just around the corner. Easy Cheesy.

Bliss Café, Williamsburg

191 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11211

Another healthy yet delicious take on the vegan kitchen. At Blissfood Café, the menue is huge. It takes about 15 mins to read through all of the dishes and decide what you’d like. That’s always a plus, right? All the food is very fresh, vegan and, well, just makes you happy. I’d always come back with joy.


Unfortunately I couldn’t handle taking pictures of the place nor the food we hat. Was too busy eating, you know the deal. I really recommend taking a like at their menu online anyways, because it’s one of NY’s most hyped places to eat at the moment. Manhattan’s most instagramed restaurant as I’ve heard. Frippery beside, the food is just really good, so go check it out.

SMORGASBURG, Williamsburg

Last but definitely not least there is Smorgasburg, a foodmarket that takes place every Saturday at the Riverside in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If you’ve got time and you can manage to go there, I’d highly recommend to take the chance because it’s the best foodmarket ever (really prefer it to Chelsea Market).  Again, no pictures. It’s just what happens when the food is too good so that you enjoy the moment too much and forget about taking pictures. Don’t blame me on that one!



4 comments on “Vegan New York City Food Guide”

  1. Hey Nina,
    ich muss dir das jetzt mal sagen: Ich ernähre mich seit ein paar Wochen vegan und das zu einem großen Teil wegen deines Posts über den Veganismus 🙂 Und ich fühle mich großartig dabei. Vor einigen Tagen war ich das erste Mal in einem veganen Restaurant und es war so toll, nicht schauen zu müssen, ob etwas in Frage kommt etc. DIe Auswahl war riesig und es war verdammt lecker. Wenn ich mal in New York bin, werde ich definitiv so viele deiner Tipps wie möglich ausprobieren, denn die Bilder sind wirklich vielversprechend.
    Außerdem bist du auch in Sachen Mode und wie du schreibst und im Allgemeinen eine riesige Inspiration für mich! 🙂
    So das reicht jetzt denke ich 😀
    Ich wünsche dir noch einen schönen Tag,

    1. Liebe Janina,

      Vielen Dank für deine Nachricht, bin schon echt gerührt von deinen lieben Worten 😀
      Weiss gar nicht was ich sagen soll – das sind wirklich riesengroße Komplimente für mich!

      Ich freue mich mega und hoffe dass es dir weiterhin Spaß macht mit dem Veganismus.
      Dir ebenfalls einen schönen Tag, meinen hast du auf jeden Fall versüßt 😀

      xxx Nina

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