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22 Life Lessons


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On the occasion of my 22th birthday I’ve been reflecting about the past years and how life went so far. There are some life lessons that took me 22 years to become aware of and learn about. And I mean really learn about myself, not only to hear about from others or read about. I’ve tried to put them into words and write them down  because I want to share them with you. Also, I wanna wait for the moments where you’ll either think „oh, now I know what she means“ or you think „been there, done that, so true“. Or probably you’ll disagree with some points – I’d be happy to hear about your thoughts!

1 Thought you’d be grown up as soon as you’ve hit your 20s? Surprise, you’re not (at all).

2 That’s exactly what makes your 20s super cool and probably the best time of your life. They definetly have been for me so far.

3 Those times when you went to bed and fell asleep immediately to have a night full of perfectly relaxing sleep are over and gone forever.

4 At a certain age you’ll reach a state of mind where you stop caring about the unimportant shit. Rule Nr.1 is less problems – more better!

5 Focusing on living in the moment rather than overthinking what life will be in your future is the best way to live a stressless life. Create your future by taking the moment as it is, not by thinking about further moments.

6 Getting older you’ll slowly start to have some great (and probably life-changing)  successes in your life. celebrate them! Now is the time that matters. Now is the time in which you’re creating yourself and forming your future by doing what you do.

7 Don’t be boring. People tend to spend their time imagining what probably would be, what they could do and how cool it should be. At the same time they forget that this makes them pretty boring persons in the present. Don’t ever do that.

8 Go with the flow. Simple as that.

 9 As you grow older people’s true colors will show and the ones that matter will shine bright.

10 You’ll find yourself not living in a dreamworld anymore and your pink glasses will fall off more and more as the years pass. Time to take some steps back to that happy and detached place again because seeing everything too realistic will only pull you down.

11 You realize that it’s ok to put yourself first sometimes. It’s okay to say „no“ and it’s okay to take some time for yourself if you feel like it.

12 You’ll start to just do things without feeling the need to justify everything you’re doing.

13 Also, growing older you’ll stop giving a shit about what others think of you, finally.

14 And at that very moment, when you stop caring about probably being judged by other people, you’ll start doing what you love.

15 If you do what you love, you’ll be good at it. That’s what everyone used to tell me when I was younger and I never took it very seriously. It was just a pretty sounding sentence to me. With time I’ve learned that it’s more than just a saying.

16 You need to find a passion because otherwise you’ll bore the shit out of yourself and you won’t be able to grow.

17 Always follow your passion.

18 If you follow your dreams constantly and don’t give up it will pay off. You just have to work hard enough and trust me you’ll get there.

19 Appreciate true love and true friendship. It’s strong, intense and honest.

20 I’ve learned that if you’ve found true love, don’t let go because true love is so rare. Same goes for true friendship. Never take it for granted.

21 Appreciate your family for everything they do. They’ve unconditionally loved you from the first moment on. That’s probably the greatest gift you could ever get.

22 Time flies by. I can not believe it’s been 22 years already. Always remember to make the most out of everything because life really does fly by.



happy birthday to me



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