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After 2 weeks in Berlin, first thing I did back home was sleep. A lot. Seriously, Berlin killed me. But let me start right at the beginning.

Berlin Record Store

It’s been almost one year since I’ve wanted to go back to Berlin so badly. I’ve been there once before, with my school class, but that was a whole other experience. I wanted to go back and meet up with people that actually live in that city, so that’s what I did for the last two weeks. I’m just back home from my stay in germany’s capital city.

Week number one was all reserved for Nanda, Mel & Ena, who I originally know from Instagram. I met Mel in person before, when she came to Vienna for two days in April but the others I’ve only known online. We were all talking about meeting up for such along time since then, so when the dates were finally set, the level of excitement was high. Ena was kind enough to let Nanda and me stay with her, in her sweet little appartement somewhere in the heart of Berlin. So that’s what we did. What can I say, it was like meeting old friends and having sleepovers every day. I had the best time. See, that’s why I love Instagram so much. You go to an unknown city, meet people that are theoretically total strangers to you and you end up telling them stuff you’d only tell your closest friends, because it feels like you’ve known each  other since forever. It was the most lovely experience. I filmed quite a lot during that first week in Berlin, but you’ll have to wait a little longer to see the results. This video needs to be made with a lot of amore. Wouldn’t wanna mess this up.

breakfast at „Goodies“


For the second half of my trip, I moved in at Neon Wood Berlin. It’s a new opened student appartment house in the center of Berlin, right next to Frankfurter Tor. The interior concept is incredibly pulled through, down to the smallest detail. The rooms are held in raw materials and high end furnishing. The whole building has kind of an urban vibe to it and the people were just so lovely. Susi, Olivia and Izo were invited to stay at Neon Wood too, which made the whole experience even nicer ❤️.


nicest interior right?
the Neon Wood lobby

my sweet appartement


On saturday, we were welcomed with a nice breakfast so that we were ready for the day, cause it was about time to get creative. I chose to take part in a street art workshop and (at least tried to) spray my name in graffiti style. After that, I designed and screen printed a really nice David Bowie inspired bag (that I’d totally wear if it hadn’t been stolen by some douchebag during our little exhibition that we did by the end of the day). In the evening, we all came together for one big BBQ party. You’ll also see parts of my stay at the Neon Wood and the time I spent with the girls in the video that will soon be up. For now, I hope you enjoy the pictures :).

me trying to do streetart
the bag I made (and I’m still heartbroken about)

All in all, my trip to Berlin was a blast. I got to spend two weeks with people that I’ve already locked in my heart and I’ve explored every facette of Berlin. Thanks to everyone for making those two weeks so special. I’ll be back, that’s for sure.

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