A nice band shirt is what I want. All the time. Sadly, it can be quite a pain in the ass finding one. I’ve browsed through so many thriftshops all over Europe already! Turned out it’s impossible to find them in our country. My search continued in America, where it was a bit easier, finding them. However, the prices started at a very high range and went up to 500$, which to me is just insane. Next problem is that I’m quite picky when it comes to the design, material and fit of such a shirt. Makes scoring one even harder. To top it all off, I wouldn’t consider wearing a shirt of a band that I don’t even like. Seems almost impossible finding the right band tee right? Just recently I came across two shirts by REVIEW that actually fulfill all my band shirt criteria – finally! Of course they flew into my closet instantly. In this post, I want to share with you three ways how I like to wear them.

Dark Side Of The Moon

The key piece in outfit #1 is this  lovely Pink Floyd bandshirt by REVIEW. „Dark Side Of The Moon“ is not only one of their greatest music albums, its cover has kind of become a visual icon for the band itself. Having this shirt in my wardrobe is basically a must. The whole look has a vintage vibe to it, which is my favorite way of styling band tees. Thrown over a random leopard print longsleeve and paired with my vintage mum jeans, it’s a nice and easy outfit for day-to-day life.

Wish You Were Here

Gotta love look #2, as „Wish You Were Here“ is my favorite Pink Floyd album ever. Besides that, how cool is the print? To style the shirt, again by REVIEW, I thought „Why not get out the gym wear and pretend to be sporty af?“ With it I’m wearing my latest vintage find, which is an old sports jacket. Combined with this pair of black skinny jeans, another everyday outfit is born. Btw, these pants fit like a glove. Love.

Black Side of The Moon

Last but not least, an all black look. Can’t ever miss out on that. I’m wearing the same Dark Side of The Moon Shirt by REVIEW as in the first look. This time I paired with a black leather jacket and some black flared pants. Added black sunglasses and black boots, because all black everything rules. I’d wear this look during the day time as well as in the evening.

So, which one’s your favorite? Let me know in the comments down below! Also, be sure to use the tags #ootdreview & #neverestablished, whenever you share your own band tee look on any social platforms, so that I can find it.



*in collaboration with REVIEW


12 comments on “Bandshirts”

  1. das letzte outfit ist mein favorite! ich lieeeebe bandshirts genauso, du hast recht, das perfekte zu finden is a pain in the ass ??

  2. pink floyd! wundervoll! das letzte ist auch mein lieblingsoutfit 🙂 dürfte ich wissen woher die weite Hose vom letzten ist, die is nömlich wundervoll 🙂

  3. Diese drei Looks sind genau nach meinem Geschmack! Ich liebe sie alle, und möchte dir an dieser Stelle gerne jedes (und das sage ich nicht nur so), wirklich jedes Teil nachkaufen!

    Müsste ich mich aber entscheiden, dann wäre wahrscheinlich Outfit Número tres mein Favorit:)

    xx Seline

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