I love music. Not in the way every thirteen year old cool kid, according to their Instagram caption, „couldn’t live without music“. But just really, truly love music. The good one, of course.

I’ve wanted to write about my favourite bands for quite a while now but never managed to decide which ones actually are my faves. Finally, after having a very hard time, I’ve sorted out my mind and picked the best from the good. Now may I proudly present you a list of my top four favourite bands of all time (in no particular order) and the first five songs you should listen to if you want to dig in.

The Velvet Underground
Nico and Lou Reed at Castle, Los Angeles, 1966© Lisa Law
Nico and Lou Reed at Castle, Los Angeles, 1966© Lisa Law

The Velvet Underground sure is my most favourite band. Their sound was like nothing else. It’s dirty, fuzzy and drony. It’s perfect. Brian Eno once said that even though the band only sold around 30,000 records throughout their first years, almost everyone who did formed their own bands. No wonder why. I could rave about them for hours and hours but, for today, let’s leave it there as this is my „top-4-bands“ list, not my „tell-me-everything-about-four-bans“ list. So, here are 5 songs that you should check out just right now, to immediately double your life quality:

Sunday Morning

Femme Fatale

After Hours

Cool it Down

Pale Blue Eyes

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

One of my most recent discoveries, thanks to my boyfriend. With a mixture of grunge and alternative rock, The Brian Jonestown Massacre is one of those bands of which you can randomly pick any song and it’ll be a 10/10 . The band itself is super interesting so you should definitely go and watch Dig! if you’d like to find out more about BJM and the Dandy Warhols. But first, let’s start with five amazing songs to listen to:

Let’s Pretend That It’s Summer


Free And Easy

Those Memories

(I Love You) Always

Lou Reed
Lou Reed, 1976
Lou Reed, 1976

Self-explanatory. Someone who’s mad about The Velvet Underground must love Lou Reed too, as he’s one of the founding members. What I love about Lou Reed, besides the sound of his music, are his great, sometimes funny, sometimes bizzare lyrics. Always make sure to pay extra attention on them when you listen to one of Lewis Allan Reed’s songs. Here are five fantastic one’s to start with:

New York Telephone Conversation

Goodnight Ladies

Walk on the Wild Side


Satellite Of Love

The Beatles

Last but not least, how could it be any different, The Beatles. Sounds like a joke mentioning this band in a lousy top four list, right? „Where are the insiders? We all know The Beatles!“ you might think. But I’m pretty sure many people don’t really know those heavenly fabulous four. Of course, everyone has at least once heard one of their super famous top hits such as Let it Be, Yesterday and Hey Jude (or any other one from their 27 number one hits). But to discover a whole new side of the band you’ll have to go a little deeper. I’ve listed five of my favourite songs below of which I think that they are a bit more unknown. They are not the really rare ones nor the really old ones. They have just not landed a number one hit. But what’s „unknown“ when talking about such a huge a band like The Beatles anyways.

I Am The Walrus (only a part of it, can’t find the full video)

A Day In The Life

Long Long Long

I’m So Tired

In My Life

I really hope you enjoyed the topic. Let me know if you’d like to read more about music on the blog in the future and tell me which one was your favourite out of all the songs. I’d love to hear! Also, check out my Spotify playlist to stay updated and find all my other favourite songs! 

6 comments on “MUSIC IS (NOT) FOR EVERYONE: MY TOP 4”

  1. ohhh nina, das ist zwar alles nchts neues für mich, aber es macht mich trotzdem wahnsinnig glücklich darüber zu lesen, wenn du über musik schreibst! hab damals angefangen dir zu folgen, weil ich dachte, damn endlich ein instamädchen mit nem richtig geilen musikgeschmack!
    makes me happy makes me happy makes me happy, mehr davon

    love , kisses etc

    1. AWWW vielen vielen dank! 😀 es freut mich wahnsinnig zu lesen, dass hier so viele musikbegeisterte dabei sind 🙂 und wenn du das alles schon kanntest, dann umso besser und weiter so 😛 love and kisses back

  2. Danke für den tollen Blogpost, dein Musikgeschmack ist echt super! 🙂 hör mir grad alle Lieder an, die du hier genannt hast und sie gefallen mir richtig gut. Vielen lieben Dank fürs Teilen!! 🙂

    1. liebe hanna, herzlichen dank! das freu mich immer richtig zu hören 😀 ganz besonders, wenn es um musik geht. schön dass dir die songs gefallen 🙂

  3. liebe Nina, ich mag die Idee von deiner Liste, sie passt zu meiner glaub ich.
    Nur leider kenn ich sie alle schon. Eine 20-25 Liste oder so wäre cool, vielleicht finden einige da etwas neues. Die großen sind ja aus einem bestimmten Grund groß. Keine ahnung ob das jetzt Sinn ergibt bzw du verstehst was ich meine. wie auch immer, die musik Liste hier ist echt super. musik ist super!

    1. Liebe Kathi, das dachte ich mir schon, dass einige schon kennen werden, was ich vorgeschlagen habe! 🙂 Nach dem ganzen positiven Feedback werde ich auch auf jeden fall noch weitere Beiträge zum Thema schreiben, wo ich dann auch seltenere Bands und Titel einbringen werde. Ich dachte, meinen ersten Beitrag über Musik schreibe ich mal über meine Lieblingsbands. Dann bekommen alle einen Eindruck, in welche Richtung mein Geschmack geht und können dann entscheiden, ob sie weitere Beiträge interessant finden 🙂 Danke für dein Feedback!

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